IAG Policy

Information, Advice and Guidance


The purpose of this document is to define Live and Learn’s approach to the provision of information, advice and guidance (IAG).

Our aim is to offer accessible, confidential and impartial information, advice and guidance to enable individuals to make effective and informed decisions and choices.

Live and Learn is committed to providing a quality service to all learners, employees, tutors and volunteers – delivering up-to-date, clear, concise and jargon-free information to ensure that any goals an individual may have are identified. 

What can Live and Learn offer?

Just about everybody needs help with improving their skills (perhaps with a view to finding or changing their job – or simply for personal fulfilment) at some point in their lives.  IAG is a readily accessible free service that is offered face-to-face, by telephone or email.

Information – the provision of accurate and objective information on opportunities, progression routes and choices along with guidance on where to find help and advice and how to access it.

Advice – providing an immediate response to the specific needs of the individual helping to interpret information and choose the next step. 

Guidance – for professional guidance we refer learners to specific providers e.g. National Careers Service (NCS) via local a NCS provider or national helpline (0800 100  900) or their website ( and other professional organisations or bodies (e.g. Citizens’ Advice) where appropriate

What the learner can expect

All learners will/can:

speak to a member of staff prior to course commencement to discuss their future aspirations, personal interests and current skills, in order to ensure that they are directed to the most suitable opportunity, which may include signposting to more appropriate provision/organisations.

receive appropriate induction to assess their requirements and ensure that adequate arrangements are in place and receive basic IAG from tutors throughout the course to meet their needs.

be treated with respect and dignity in accordance with Live and Learn’s Equality and Diversity Policy.

be entitled to a prompt response within 10 working days.

expect that their personal information is treated as confidential and stored in accordance to the Data Protection Act.

have the opportunity to revisit their goals and discuss with a member of staff.

All information supplied can be provided in an alternative format to suit the needs of the learner when required.

Marketing our IAG service

Live and Learn promotes IAG through own-company publicity materials such as posters and leaflets, plus Lincs County Council’s ‘Grow’ brochure and website, and via other partnership working. 

Course information sheets outline entry requirements and possible progression routes. Live and Learn informs learners of progression opportunities as they arise.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

Result of audits, inspections and observations and feedback including complaints are used to monitor, evaluate and review our service. Systems exist to monitor progression/destination information. An effective mechanism to handle any complaints is also in place.

Targets are in place to ensure that IAG information is effectively disseminated to all learners.

Employees, tutors and volunteers receive ongoing relevant IAG information at meetings and training events, and are encouraged to develop their own resource packs linked to their specific subject.